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Oval Office Tip # 1 - Check Her Out

Tip 1: Women do not pee out of the vagina. There are three holes and countless other sexy structures. Learn to know your anatomy. Get a hand mirror and go to town. From front to back, the urethra is the first hole, the vagina is the second, and the anus is the third. Don’t laugh! You’d be amazed how many people don’t know this.

 Boothangs. Grab your mirror, hick your leg up and get the lookin’ :)


Vagina Love Letter #1


After talking to many women, about the “forbidden” paradise down under, I have decided it is time to stop making this a taboo subject.

Shit is happening down there, and we dont know it because many of us can’t bring ourselves to take a look at it, compliment it, shake hands with it, play cards with it, etc.

I want to empower you to love all of you.

Speak up.

Your vagina wants to hear from you. be continued.


P.S. Yes that is a picture of a vagina.

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